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Electronic s for the little guy Answered

How about more Ras & 'duino projects for those of us who don't own or have access to a 3D printer. A real downer about how many 'bles authors tie interesting projects to those printers. Are the purists all dead? Please, no dubious suggestions.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 months ago

You do seem like a purist to me, if you are using Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

How many authors have access to those kind of microcontrollers? Or the tools and expertise needed to program them?

It is a real downer to me the way some authors seem to think you need a Pi or 'duino, even for simple tasks, like illuminating an LED.


Actually, you know what? I think it is weak to have to buy anything for a project. Would it not be better to make everything from discarded bottles and cans, and other free materials?


And if making things from trash is not "pure" enough for you, then maybe it is time move out into the woods, and start making things from dirt and rocks and tree bark, following John Plant's example:



11 months ago

OK. I feel you. I have a 3dPrinter and see why it quickly goes towards this route: Convenience.
But lets set that aside and accept some tradeoffs:
- I dont talk about how to make enclosures or holders. Thats where 3dPrinters shine.
- The ideas and inputs will be purely on a functional basis. Not how to integrate them into a finished project. Think of them as building blocks towards bigger Projects.

OK... Lets start the list of ideas:
Automate stuff on computer thru an artificial "keyboard" made from an inexpensive and cheap Arduino Pro Micro (AT 32u4): With this niftly little thing, you can emulate a keyboard, mouse, juystick, ... I am currently working on a Dashboard for Elite Dangerous to read a large resistive touchpanel with graphics (on Paper) underneth. It then translates the corresponding locations to the payload i stored in an external EEPROM and sends the keypress or keypresses (timed macro) to the PC as keyboard.
This project comprises:
- arduino functioning as Keyboard
- Reading analog data and calculation of a defined location based on not so tight regulated positions
- Reading data from EEPROM
- Converting Data from EEPROM to a usable format (Which is one of the big hurdles i found)
- Understanding the Data i read from EEPROM. Stuff like Timings, Pressing multiple Keys together or complex stuff like: Press Alt + Shift + A, Release A and Release shift, wait 100ms, press C, Wait 100ms, Release C and Release Alt. Thats needs some sort of defined Markup-Language... Good exercise to think about possibilities and limitations.
- Reading Serial as i want a way to interface with the Dashboard and update macro-Payloads.
Understanding the data given thru RS232 via USB and storing it
- Storing data in EEPROM i just got and understood via RS232 via USB
- Interface with a small OLED-Display for showing stuff like Current layout, settings and memory available.
- Interface with a serially attached gesture-sensor: A Paj7620 will provide a plethora of Hand-gestures i can make. Interface with this and also act accordingly

Also, what i want to say is:
Pick a thing you may find "Hm! How handy would that be if THIS was automated or supported..." then think about how to solve this challenge. Watering plants? Will break down to subprojects like
- Measuring Soil humidity (Please go capacitive and not resistive!)
- Measuring air-Humidity (Hint: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Greenhou... and others)
- Measuring Temperature (Hint: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Greenhous... and others)
- Measuring Light-hours (Hint: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Light-Sen... and others)
- Display stuff on a display or even thru Wifi
- Controlling a valve to water if needed
With such subprojects well dont, you will have more building blocks to tackle other projects on your own. Need to display something? Already done in the plant-keeper. Take the code and hardware from there.
Need to read analog Data and calculate stuff with it: Already done in the Plant-Keeper. Take code from there.

There you have already a lot of Subprojects and ideas... As soon as i get further, i may add a few Arduino-Projects...