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I want to cover a stairway.  The motion detection camera that is in the library here is a very good start.   I want to add the following functions.

1. long battery life 30 days min.
2.. Rotating photo storage.  i.e. when the memory is filled up, the camera will overwrite the oldest photo.
3.  Date and time stamp

A unit like this could be left in place for a long period and only accessed if something has happened that need to be checked.   



7 years ago

For starters the battery will life will vary based on how active the camera is and how big the battery is you have attached. The larger the capacity of the battery is the longer it will last. The fewer pictures that are taken the longer it will last as well.

If you want it to overwrite older photos then you will need a software package to support that. Not something you can install on most stand alone cameras. So you may need to buy a new camera system that will support that. Date and time stamp is also a program feature that the camera or software package will have to support.

Look around, i'm sure you can find a security camera or camera system that fulfills your needs.