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Electronics for a diy 3d printer Answered

Hello, I would like to know if these parts will be suitable for building a 3d printer without modifying the code made for 3d printer. Yes, I see modifying the code as inevitable for making the 3d printer accurate. If there are any other parts beside a powers supply, a the hot end parts I would appreciate that..

Can I use this microcontroller? 

And these step sticks? 

Thanks for any help.


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Best Answer 6 years ago


3d printers are awesome i can no not do anything but encourage you to build your own. As you said is quiet probably you are going to need to tweak a little bit your tweak. If you do not feel comfortable with it you could try to find somebody that supplies the whole printer kit and ask them to preinstall their firmware for you. But honestely if you could learn how to load the code into your arduino that is double fun:)

For your question that arduino and shield is part of the list of things you need, missing motors, endstops temperature sensors, frame,... Each type of,printer has its own needs:)

Good luck and do not hesitate there lots of information on the internet available!