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Elegoo or arduino? Answered

https://vlc.onl/ I've seen all the options for the Arduino starter kits in amazon but I don't know if I should buy an Arduino board or a elegoo one. Appvalley

And also if someone knows som recommendations about some https://vlc.onl/complete kits of Arduino that recommend me to buy. Thanks. Tweakbox


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6 months ago

Arduino is for a starter but you can still make many projects. my suggestion is to go for Elegoo if you are not a basic learner.


11 months ago

Thanks for sharing this post I Like This web page



1 year ago

The Arduino is well documented, quite easy to learn the basics and there is literally an endless supply of modules, kits and complete starter packs available.
Can't really recommend any unless you provide more info on what you are interested in.
Like simple robotics, automation, basic electronics (driving motors and lights or building some CNC machine) - maybe even remote controlled model cars or planes...
Even an Arduino Mega with nice LCD dsplay and some buttons on it is quite cheap these days.
For tiny applications there is tiny Arduinos for just a few bucks.
I suggest to think about what would interest you in building or experimenting with first.
Keep it simple though.
Then check what starter kits are available for something that you like.
In many cases the come with download links for the required code, drivers and more, so you only follow instructions.
From there you keep going...
You can always start with a basic Arduino, a breadboard and a basic electronics starter kit.
With that alone you can find endless ways of creating your own code and with that you keep adding what you need as you level of knowledge grows.
Nothing really goes to waste here with a breadboard.

I am sure someone will soon pitch in for what is available for starters on the Elegoo as I don't use it...