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Email notices and instucaibles Answered

I have recently changed my email address on here. and I was wonder why the instrustables are still going to my old email account. I want to delete but I am waiting to make sure all the stuff I want get to the new email address. I was thinking that I may have to rejoin although I have already given my new address. Can anyone tell me what to do.



8 years ago

Also to me I Have changed my email addres but I still receive information on the old Email
My new email is gianlucafaccioli@gmail.com the old is gianlucafaccioli@katamail.com


Reply 8 years ago

Instructables has two different email systems in place. One for newsletters and one for everything else on the site.

To change the address of newsletters, you need to unsubscribe from the email (there should be a link at the bottom). After you finish that, you can come back here and scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your new email for newsletters to get sent there.

If you changed your email address on the website (in your settings page), it should affect all of the updates that get sent out from here (like when someone comments on your post, when they message you, etc).

Let me know if you do those things and you find it's still not working. The newsletter may take a day or two to process.