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Email notifications Answered

Hi, I know this topic has been made multiple times but none of the other solutions seems to be working.  I've tried resetting the email settings, logging out and back in, double checking my spam filter...etc.  I receive emails sporadically but did not receive the Halloween notification a few weeks ago, nor have I been receiving notifications of comments to my posts or updates from the authors I follow.  Can anyone please help?  Thank you.



3 years ago

Adding my irritation on this 18 month recurring code monkey event...

Why don't you provide a dual solution for the next event ?


3 years ago

Hi Nick,

Thank you for the heads up. I sent this to our dev team and they are digging in to see what might be going on, and fix it. I can't offer a time frame for a fix, but it is a legitimate bug and on their radar now.

Thank you again!

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager


Reply 3 years ago

10-4. We'll get this fixed up sooner than later. Bug confirmed, fix on the way. Because of standard testing and deployment procedures it could take 10 days or so to get this out, but it's on our near-term radar now. Thanks for writing in!