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Emails Answered

Until PayPal accepts my credit card, I won't be Pro for a couple of days.

I got an email: Your request to cancel your Pro membership was received on June 17, 2010. You still have 4 days days left in this payment period, so enjoy the Pro features until then.

Then 40 minutes later: Your request to cancel your Pro subscription was received on June 17, 2010. This is to notify you that we have modified your account back to the regular level, effective today. Canceling your Pro membership has not deleted your Instructables account and you can upgrade back to Pro again at any time.

Fastest 4 days ever!

I'll be Pro in a couple of days, but I thought these emails might be some sort of bug


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10 years ago

Sometimes the billing system gets a little ahead of itself and then behind itself. It takes different times to process different transactions.