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Embedded pictures not working on mobile Answered

I posted an Instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Escape-Room-Engineering-Review-Game/) and before I published I checked it over by previewing it. Everything worked, all my pictures showed up, and I thought I was good. After I published I checked my Instructable on my phone and two embedded pictures of a the cryptex in Steps 4 and 5 did not show up. So I got back on my computer, opened it up and the pictures were showing.

I unpublished the Instructable, decided to delete those two pictures, reupload them, and try to embed them again. I thought that fixed it because last time I couldn't embed the pictures in anything but the SQUARE3 format and this time it let me embed them as LARGE. Checked the Instructable again on line, everything looked good, and better than before because the pictures showed up the size I wanted. Published again and the two cryptex pictures reverted back to SQUARE3 format and won't show up when I look at it on my phone again. When I go back into the edit page those pictures show up fine and are in the LARGE format. I've never had this happen but I'm somewhat new to embedding images into an Instructable with HTML.

Two Questions:

1. Does anyone know why this is and happening or someway I can fix this issue?

2. The first time I published I entered this Instructable in a contest. When I unpublished it did that remove my contest entry and if so can I reenter the contest somehow?



23 days ago

I checked the URL on step 5 and the image URL is the wrong one! Can you upload the image at instructables.com/upload and then click over to your library and send me that link? (The screen you get when you click on the image in your library will look like the one in the screenshot)

I can help you get it in the right place!

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 1.18.54 PM.png

24 days ago

My Instructable was accepted into the contest so that answers my second question. And the updates I made are showing up when I view my Instructable on my laptop, but they are still not showing up when I look at it on my phone.