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Embedded printing Answered

Some time ago I made a short Instructable on some basics of integrating other things with a 3D print job.
I found some more uses that are not always conventional so to say.

For example using an acrylic plate as the "bottom" layer and printing the rest around and on top of it, like a box with a clear bottom.
Another nice thing I found is that quite often overhanging parts like hook type hinges can be avoided.
Especially if said part needs to be really sturdy one could print it turned by 90° and with some support like an undercut add it to the print.
Works really nice too is you want to have movable parts within your printed creation.

I might have to do some print jobs next month and was wondering if I should add some more for another Instructable with proper instructions and examples?
Anyone done some embedded printing based on my last Ible about it?


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