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Embedding things other than video Answered


I'm looking for a way to embed things other than videos into my instructable. Specifically, I'd like to be able to embed some code that I will host on Google Code (or if anyone has a better suggestion, I'm open to it!).

Is there a way to embed things other than video? Right now the embed video feature isn't even working, but I'm hoping that will be fixed by the time I'm ready to publish my instructable.



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7 years ago

No, there isn't. To reduce SPAM and malware redirections, the I'bles back-end code compares the embed code you supply with exactly the format and URLs expected from a small number of known video-hosting services (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). If the code doesn't match, the embed is rejected.

That's why the YouTube embedding was broken -- YouTube changed the XML generated (in fact, what they return now is technically invalid, but many browsers are loose about standards compliance) -- so the code doesn't match the template I'bles uses.