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Emotional Whipsaw Just a personal Blog type post. Answered

This post serves no purpose but to allow me to verbalize my last week, read at your own peril.

Man what a strange 10 days it's been.

Ten days ago I was going into final with a statistical fail in both my classes.

If you're not familiar with grading practices in grad school, a C is a fail. If your GPA drops below 3.0 you lose your eligibility for financial aid, if you get more than two C's you're out of the program.

Finals didn't feel like they went well.

You can imagine how I felt waiting for grades, here I was, no job, looking like I was going to flunk out.

Well, grades came out Thursday, I got B's, not brilliant, but it keeps me in school.

That felt pretty good.

Friday, I took my wife and her coworker lunch, something I do once a month just for fun.  At least this time I could deflect questions about the eternal job hunt with talk about grades.

Got home from lunch and the phone rings.........
" Mr.Animal, after a review of the applicants, we consider you the best candidate for the position of..... at....... and you like to extend an offer of employment."

Woot! I'm on top of the world, nothing could bring me down....


Except, My wife's dog looks funny, she's all hunched up and whimpering.  I've had enough animals to know that means a back injury.  It's 5, I call the vet, we discuss the maximum I can dope her up and make an appointment for the morning.

Except, it's pretty clear by 8pm that she's in so much pain, that she can't even sit or lay down.

Have you ever spent 12 hours trying to support the weight of a 60 lb dog? It's a novel experience, by 4 am I was near delirious. After an eternity, morning came.

Doc diagnoses a slipped disk. Shoots her full of morphine and gives us a prescription for valium.  She can actually lay down when we get home.  36 hour she's much improved, but has a long way to go.

Passed classes
got job
dog sick


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10 years ago

My mum came in the other day with odd jobs news...

The funding for her contract wasn't renewed, meaning she had no job as of jan, a rather big issue, five minutes later she got the call about a job she'd just got...


10 years ago

I feel for ya, try it with a 200 lb dog.


10 years ago

Thank you for sharing this - you have my feelings as appropriate (my week was dull but my teeth are knackered...).