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Energy saving ideas??? Answered

I am on a fixed income and need homemade project ideas to cut my hydro bills down that have doubled in the last 3 years. Any low cost project plans would be helpful to me and my family. Thanks!



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Rob Patterson
Rob Patterson

11 years ago

Possibly the first place to start would be to make the power your family is using more personal. By that I mean to make each family member aware, in a non confrontational way, of how much the power they each directly use is costing the household. Hot water is an easy one for this. Most of your hot water is used in the shower, calculate your "shower hours" and divide the hot water component of your bill by that figure. To calculate your shower hours each user needs to time their shower and let you know the (honest) figure. Many country's don't have power outlets in the wall with on/off switches on them. This is unfortunate as a lot of power can be saved by switching TV's etc off at the wall. Maybe you would need to unplug or otherwise ensure the appliance isn't left on standby. A TV on standby can use as much power as a 40 watt light globe. That gives you a Dollar value for each "shower hour". I built some Solar panels and converted my evaporative air conditioning to 12 volt and run my beer fridge from a battery bank but this type of thing is not a viable choice for many people. One winter I built a "solar heater". It was simply a wooden frame with angled ends the same size as a window and covered it with black plastic around the sides with the ends open. One end sat on my veranda and the other went in the window. It looked daft but worked amazingly well. I've tried to draw a bit of a diagram and attach it to this answer, I hope it works. Once you get going you'll think of many ways to reduce your power bill. All the best. Rob.