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Engine to Compressor? Answered

I am planning on making a very high volume compressor from a small engine.  I plan to adjust timing and stuff accordingly.  I just wan't to make sure an engine can handle the pressure.  I assume it can because of the explosions it can contain but I just want to be sure it can handle 125-200psi. 

And also, is 2 stage really necessary or can I just push all the air in in one stage with a couple pistons.


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Best Answer 10 years ago


That should get you started. It sounds as though one-way valves are needed (they attached a valve to each sparkplug hole), though there's probably a way to do the job without additional valves.

An engine operating at just 8:1 compression ratio already compresses the mixture to about 120 psi, not to mention what happens to pressure when the plug fires, so 200 psi is unlikely to be a problem.

I am told that there used to be a way to revamp a v-8 engine so that four cylinders would run (not too well) and the other four would operate as a compressor, in the field.  But I've never seen diagrams or even significant discussion.

Good luck!