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Engineer's Duel Answered

Hi everyone,
I'm new here to this forum site but I wanted to share an idea I've been kicking around for a while now. 

I'm a huge fan of the Fantasy vs Science Fiction debate and often like to combine certain elements from each into one another (ie Spell Casting Robots, Steampunk Wizards, etc). One of the staple elements of any Fantasy work is the iconic Wizard's Duel, when two magical wielders face off against one another using a combination or various spells, attacks and magic.  

Now, I've always been interested in the kinds of sports/ competitions that focus scientific and engineering minds (robot battles). So I devised one of my own today, just something I think would be really interesting to watch. It's sort of like a modern day resurrection of medieval duels, but instead of weapons the duelers use inventions.

Engineer's Duel
Two inventors face off, each utilizing different inventions they've built to best their opponent, and eventually destroy them (or at least incapacitate). The purpose of the battle is to test the wits, intelligence, strategy and inventing skills of each of the duelers.   The goal is not to destroy the opponent, but instead their chosen gadgets until yours is the last one surviving.

1) No Robots. This fight should be between the duelers themselves, not their robotic minions.

2) No Direct Weapons Allowed (devices that serve no other purpose except as a weapon). Eg no guns, swords, canons, etc. The purpose of the duel is not about how powerful an invention one can build, but how inventive it is and how well the dueler uses it.

3) Each invention chosen by the duelers must be used at least once in the fight.

4) No EMPs, for obvious reasons

5) Vehicular machines such as Tumblers, Mech Warriors, and Giant Hovercrafts are allowed but only in the National Primaries.

Other than this, if you can build it, you can use it.

So yeah tell me what you think!


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9 years ago

the thing is,you say no robots,but you also say mech worriers.,what is the difference,also,I am learning all I can about autonomous robots and how to make them self learn,so as to make them semi dependent robots so you could have something close to a robot dogfight,where two robots face off and the victor is the one left standing. also,your picture is self defeating,no robots as you say,so why the AWESOME pic?

Also,you say that you want,in your competition,to destroy the other person(or incapitate) but then you say that you only want to destroy there invention.

so you could have like a sword that would spiral out and turn into a shield or split in half and become a giant tuning fork so as to temporarily scramble your middle ear?

please explane the rules in more depth,you have quite intrested me.

Lithium Rain
Lithium Rain

Reply 9 years ago

Yeah...the rules don't make any sense.

Make gadgets to tear each other apart...but no robots? So, like, just trebuchets flinging stuff at one another? This limits the "duel" to simple machines that do not create or engage in especially complex or intricate conflict.

Also, "[t]he goal is not to destroy the opponent, but instead their chosen gadgets until yours is the last one surviving" but "[t]his fight should be between the duelers themselves, not their robotic minions"?

Le whut?