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Entire Step deleted? iPhone/online back and forth creation Answered

Anybody have this come up: I am working on an Instructable, going back and forth working from my iPhone app and online, saving it to Instructables.com always, and I just signed in online and my entire Intro and pictures are just gone. The Intro was saved on my iPhone app, but the other steps are not there so I have a sort of workaround. Is this a known glitch??


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6 years ago

Hi there!

This happened to me a few days ago. I think the trick is to make certain you've loaded, or refreshed, to access the most recently updated version of your Instructable. I did the same thing you did a few days ago, wiping out everything I had just done. Basically, we provided permission for the site to overwrite and save any changes that were made on another device. Refresh, reload, etc. helps. :-)