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Epic Costumes Winners Answered

Thanks to everyone who entered in the Halloween Epic Costumes Contest!
The Epic Costumes category has a legacy of some of the most complex and involved projects on our site. The results are always mind-blowing, and this year was no exception. Like previous years, we had no shortage of amazing, EPIC entries. I am very pleased to report that there was more than several heated debates around the lab when selecting finalists, and it was just short of total bedlam while choosing the winners.

First Prize

Costume Armor with Wonderflexby volpin

The Wonderflex Armor won because it had the best blend of process, presentation, and execution. The project gives you a behind the scenes look at how this professional grade costume was made, almost daring you to try and recreate the painstaking details based on the comprehensive instructions. This custom made costume really defined what we were looking for in an Epic Costume entry, and your votes reflected that. Also, the composition of the photographs really sold the hard work that went into this epic costume.

Second Prize

by alexthemoviegeek

Life-sized Space Marine Armor
by thorssoli

Bowser's Castle Costume
by Mr. Noack
These costumes represented everything we hope for in an epic costume; over-the- top DIY awesomesauce! These costumes used several very clever techniques in construction, and the finished projects really show us the artistry and craftsmanship that the authors put into their work.

Third Prize

Mr.Freeze Costume
by rmorrow4

Alien Xenomorph
by Mostlymade

Bowser Costume
by CassiniCloset

Orchard Spider
by BrooklynAliens

Narnia Minotaur
by ellwoodjoe

The time and dedication put into these creations is evident, and each have their own complexities and challenges that were masterfully overcome. It’s hard to deny that each of these costumes are indeed “epic” and would win the nod of approval from costumes aficionado’s the world over.

Congratulations to all the finalists and a big thank you to everyone that entered, you should feel proud of your amazing, EPIC creation. Remember, costumes aren’t just for Halloween, we have an entire channel dedicated to costumes, so you can dress up and have fun all year. If you didn’t win this time around I hope there was something that has inspired you to make another epic costume, next year’s Epic Costumes is open from right now until this time next year!

Mike Warren
Editor of Play


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8 years ago

Great jobs winners! I was indeed defeated handily. Wow i need to step it up next year.

Towering Props
Towering Props

Reply 8 years ago

haha me too. see you next year!


8 years ago

I'll bet it was difficult choosing- there were an insane number of epic costumes. People really pulled out all the stops this year.

Congrats everyone!


8 years ago

can I just say 'wow' and a very big Thank you. I've been very impressed with all the other entree's and it's an honor to be classed with them. again Thank you!