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Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges Answered

I would like to submit an instructable to the Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges.
It is a spark/electric arc generator, which has many uses such as using it as a spark gap radio transmitter, igniting flammable gasses or liquids (camping stoves), or using the high voltage to charge capacitors.
The circuit is based on that of a DIY stun gun, so the project could be used as a stun gun. In the rules it says the project can't be 'potentially dangerous'.
So would this project be disqualified from the challenges for being too dangerous?
I would of course warn people not to use it as a stun gun in the instructable.
Thanks in advance :)
Detective Inspector Me



5 years ago

Post it, let the admins* sort it out.

(*Or the coroner.)

Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Now that is interesting because a bathtub is potentially dangerous.

Do it and post it.

If they don’t like it is there loss, not yours.