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Equalizer for phono input to amp Answered

Circuit for converting an MP3 player output to input for a phono input on an amp.



8 weeks ago

Phone literally means vinyl and if indeed meant for this type of signal then you will have a hard time.
No problem the other way around but getting a clean signal from a high power output so to say working on an input with very high impedance and gain...

Back in the old days you could little boxes, like a splitter that had an addtional input of higher level for phone only amps.
Bit like these VGA and HDMI input switches.
You would need to get the input signal way below 0.02V, better 0.01V.
If you manage that with some trickery you still need to fight agains the RAII equalisation.
What is meant to provide a clear signal from old vinyl distorts any normal signal source you connect.

It would be far easier and most likely cheaper to buy a 25W amp for car use that has a dedicated 3.5mm jack input for MP3 players or similar.