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Error reading .cdr file? Answered

I am having an annoying and a frequent problem when I save files in Corel Draw 8.
The problem is that many a times I save a file, a cannot reopen either the original as well the backup file. I get a message - error reading .cdr file.
I use win7 as OS.



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Best Answer 5 years ago

This sounds
like a Hard Drive problem. Perhaps the file is being written on bad sectors of
your disk. Run the ScanDisk utility that comes with Win98 a few times and see
if that clears up the problem. This also may have something to do with not
having enough space on your Hard Disk. Back some things up and remove them from
the disk or buy another Hard Disk if you have less than 200 megs left on it.

You can't
"save" *.cdr files as jpeg or tif or gif or any other raster format.
Cdr files can be exported to those formats but that renders them uneditable in

It could be a physical problem with the HD,
yes. In addition to running ScanDisk I would also try repair file and save the
problem file(s) directly to a removable disk (Zip, Jazz or even a simple floppy
if the file is small enough.) To restore a file you can via CDR Repair Kit. http://www.cdr.repair/

Then try to reopen the file FROM
the removable.

Another option to look at would be a corrupted
module somewhere in Corel itself. This
would mean you'd have to reinstall CorelDraw.

Hmmm..... When trying to reopen the backup
file that Draw creates, Do you do it from the Open menu? I might try looking up
the file in Windows Explorer and changing the extension from .bak to .cdr and
double-clicking it.