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Ethercon/ dmx tester Answered

I have this:

I have ethercon

I have xlr 3 pin male and female 1= ground 2=negative 3= positive

I have dmx 5 pin male and female 1= ground 2=negative 3= positive 4= spare negative 5= spare positive

Ethercon to 4 pair dmx/ xlr

Pinout ethernet to 4 pair dmx/xlr : start with ethernet pin 1-8 and shield

ethernet p1= p2 xlr (xlr 2)

ethernet p2= p3 xlr (xlr 2)

ethernet p3= p2 xlr (xlr 3)

ethernet p4= p3 xlr (xlr 1)

ethernet p5= p2 xlr (xlr 1)

ethernet p6= p3 xlr (xlr 3)

ethernet p7= p2 xlr ( xlr 4)

ethernet p8= p3 xlr ( xlr 4

i like to make this: a tester to test both ends of ethercon, male and female xlr 3 pin, male and female dmx 5 pin.

but also ethercon to xlr 3 pin 1, 2, 3 and 4 / dmx 5 pin 1,2,3 and 4

xlr 3 pin male to dmx 5 pin female

xlr 3 pin female to dmx 5 pin male

dmx 5 pin male to xlr 3 pin female

dmx 5 pin female to xlr 3 pin male

the tester contains 2 times 9 leds 1 side is 8 green leds the other side is 8 red leds, led number 9 on both ends is ground and is color green and red

hopefully not too much info but this is what i like to make, a fast en cheap tester.



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