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Ethernet controlled robotic digital camera enhanced telescope? Answered

I keep wondering about how cool it would be if 100s of amateurs trained their robotic telescopes, hooked to the web, on one part of the sky, via commands over the internet from some astronomer who's got a hunch or just spotted a new spot on Venus or whatever. Those 100s of telescopes then took a photo at the exact same instant(or nearly so)and the same spot and then send that photo over the web to some big iron or a BOINC like app that would then crunch all the photos together to get a better picture of that object without having to go to Hawaii or Chile to get a decent shot... instant big lens astronomy?!


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Sorry, it won't work like that. The process is called synthetic aperture imaging, it CAN be done with radio telescopes - they can give better resolutions than the very best optical scopes, but you can't phase the telescopes together to make a synthetic optical image. If your scopes are close together, it is fiendishly difficult, but it has been done on a <20metre kind of scale. Steve