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Ethernet to USB 3.0? Answered

I was looking around this afternoon and found the wonderful 'PCI Express X16 to USB 3.0 adapter' which got me thinking, This could be an awesome way to add a better graphics card to a small computer e.g. a laptop or preferably a Raspberry Pi. Now i know that the Pi doesn't have any USB 3.0 ports but it does have Ethernet (which from past experience is quite a lot faster than USB 2.0) My question to you is this: Is it possible to get a USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter so that we can have USB 3.0 ports on a Raspberry Pi, and if so would the Pi be fast enough to run an external graphics card connected through a PCI Express to USB 3.0 adapter?


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5 years ago

startKIT is a low-cost development board for the configurable xCORE multicore
microcontroller products from XMOS. It’s easy to use and provides lots of advanced
features on a small, extremely low cost platform.
xCORE lets you software-configure the interfaces that you need for your system; so
with startKIT you can configure the board to your match your exact requirements.
Its 500MIPS xCORE multicore microcontroller has eight 32bit logical cores that
perform deterministically, making startKIT an ideal platform for functions ranging
from robotics and motion control to networking and digital audio.
startKIT also connects to your Raspberry Pi, allowing you to add real-time I/O
and communication features to this popular computing platform, and to try out
advanced applications for xCORE. - This is as of Feb 2015 costs £14.99 from Digikey, it might help you with PCI and PCIe with RasPi.

Take a look at


This is another UK made computer much like RasPi for £50 and has HDMI upto 2k which might work a little quicker than RasPi so not require upgrades. It also has DDR3 and Ras uses DDR2 which is a little slower, this computer works at higher clock rates also.


6 years ago

Maybe. Does the adapter come with drivers for the Raspberry Pi? Even then, not every device may work on the USB side. Check the adapters documentation if it supports graphic cards.