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Everything Chicken and Eggs - Recipes, Games, Free Products, Gifts and How To Advice Answered

Last week my daughter came home from JK with a photograph of her holding a chick she watched hatch. (She was so egg-cited.) She is learning about eggs as one of the signs of spring. Being the curious mom, I decided to do some web research to learn what all the clucking was about.

So fellow moms (and dads) here are some great sites complete with lots of cool free chicken and egg giveaways! I hope you are hungry.

1.) Do you want to have fun with eggs? Visit http://www.getcracking.ca

This is an awesome, fun site sponsored by the Egg Council. You can join the Egg Lovers Club to receive free recipes and the kids can do Eggtivities and Eggsperiments. For example your kids can learn how to do the Uncrushable Egg Trick. Not to give away anything but let me know how many books you were able to pile up.

2.) Are you looking for agricultural or nutritional information? Visit http://www.chickenlovers.ca

This site is sponsored by The Chicken Farmers of Ontario. You can go to the Teacher's Resource Section and order free kits with "how to" projects for grades 3 to 10. In addition there is a super Order Desk section where you can get free posters and fact sheets. The posters feature delicious recipes with all the information you need to make the right menu choices.

3.) Are you an aspiring chicken farmer? Go to http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com

This site has tons of information and products related to chickens. It has everything you need on how to keep your chickens and their farmers happy and healthy. You can do everything from buy chicks to listen to their radio show called Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer. You can also order a free catalogue and sign up for free weekly emails but that's not all. They even have an amazing Hatchery Gift Shop perfect for the hard to buy for chicken farmer on your list.

And finally, Are you ready to get started and want to make your chicks happy? Go to http://www.leads2.info/on/ChickenCoop.html

This one offers a great "how to" E-Book written by Bill Keene who has many years experience as a poultry farmer. He knows how to build a chicken coop that will keep your chickens healthy and happy. It sells for $29.95 USD but one of the neat things I liked about this site is because it is an E-Book you can print off as many copies of the book and its plans as you want. It also comes with 4 Free Gifts and a money back guarantee.

In conclusion, I'm glad my daughter's photograph led me to here. Sign up for all the cool free giveaways soon. You and the kids will have fun. I need to go now; I'm trying a new recipe for supper tonight called Caribbean Chicken. Enjoy!


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