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Everything that don't fit instructable website, asking for comment and suggestion Answered

Hi guys,
sometimes I got some projects that do not fit in instructables website for various reasons (mostly because they are art project or unrealized ideas). However I wish to use the instructables comunity to know what they think about that. I'm used to post these ideas on my personal website www.genteautoreggente.com

If you visit it and let me know what do you think about it would be greatly appreciated.
Maybe I can also release some instruct. patches to the most usefull ideas/comments.

PS: with your help, some of my ideas could become reality and then an instructable

Cheers, Marco


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9 years ago

Art projects work here - if you don't publish it as a "how to", a number of people have posted slide-shows of completed works, be they sketches, photos or sculptural.