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Exactly how much better is the arudino than the basic stamp? Answered

I know that the basic stamp is more limited than the arudino but how limited is it . IS it better than the arudino or not please post your opinions!!!



Best Answer 10 years ago

Depends on what your needs are. I believe the Arduino is faster and has larger program space. But "all computers wait for input at the same speed." For some projects, speed doesn't matter and a trivial program is sufficient. Personal reaction: Pick one. Play with it. Then decide whether you can get away with something smaller, or need something larger.


10 years ago

It's 17.38935786% better/ I donno. I don't have an arduino yet. I've got a stamp though and it'll do alot. I do know that if you are good at programming and electronics you can get either one of them to do most anything you want them to do.