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Exotic ammo Answered

I was looking at exotic gun ammo and pellet gun ammo and i was wondering if there was any exotic ammo you guys know of for any type of weapon the launches projectiles.



7 years ago

I don't know if you are referring to both airguns and firearms, or just airguns. For airguns, there are special Aluminum high speed pellets, but they cost a considerable amount more than the normal copper. For firearms, however, there are more types of exotic ammunition than you could imagine.

Shotguns: Flechette rounds, Dragon's breath, thermite forestry clearing rounds, explosive slug*, Bolo, AP slugs and Rhodesian Jungle.

*Explosive rounds are legal in portions of the United States, however the rounds must not have any fragmentation or ball bearings in them. They also have to be loaded by your own explosive mixture, and are not shipped pre loaded.

Rifle/Pistol: Sabot ammunition, tracer ammunition, incendiary, and Raufoss ammo.


Reply 7 years ago

im talking about airgun and firearm and other guns......coil guns etc.