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External hard drive as a replace for an laptop internal? Answered

 Okay, alittle background.
My computer is screwed, beyond hope. I have no idea what is wrong with it. Thats another problem. But it leads to ths problem. I have an old laptop that is 100% fine, except for the hard drive, fried BEYOND hope. Idk why, all i know is that if i could possibly get it working, I could keep it instead of it landing in a landfill. So help for the environment?

I have a Terabyte external hard drive, and a laptop in need of a replacement hard drive. Anyway that could work?

sorry no pictures. currently



Best Answer 9 years ago

If the laptop is less than three years old, your BIOS may support booting to USB (the chances of this diminish with age, as booting to USB drives is a relatively new concept).

However, if the laptop is too old, there may still be hope for the courageous.  Inside the external hard drive is an actual hard drive, which is almost always a 2.5" drive as you would find in a laptop.  If you are handy, careful, and confident, you can open the external hard drive and install it directly into your laptop - provided, of course, that both interfaces match (SATA to SATA or IDE to IDE).


9 years ago

Depends. Does the laptop have a CD/DVD drive it can boot from?

You probably can't persuade it to boot from the external drive, unless your BIOS is more flexible than that of many laptops. The most likely workaround is to burn a disk which it can boot from, which then re-boots from the external drive.

I haven't needed to do it, so I can't provide much more specific advice.


9 years ago

Can you / have you tried USB?