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Externally Mounted LCD/LED TVs? Answered

I was going to wrap my 1996 Fleetwood Seawind Motorhome and have sponsor spots.  However, I rather hang 55" LED/LCD TVs on both flanks of the beast.

The issues as I see them are as follows:
  1. How to power the TVs--I think I can cable out the rear windows and run an inverter to provide them with AC--Please give me inverter size sufficient to drive two LCD/LED units
  2. Getting a TV signal to the TVS.  Using a Macbook Air, I could use Airplay to stream MP4 video to the TVs, or just hardwire them with HDMI-Lightening connectors.  A hardwire solution is, again, possible via the rear windows.
  3. The pivotal engineering riddle is ho to secure, insulate and protect the units on the back end of the vehicle.  I was thinking a sheet of Acetate to cover and protect the faces of the TVs.
  4. Input on what form the shock-absorbing, waterproof frame could/should take is welcome.



1 year ago

If anything then I would mount inside the vehicle and use acrylic sheets in the body where the screens are...
Anything else will only bring you big fines if you intend to take it on the road.

Jack A LopezDownunder35m

Answer 1 year ago

I hate to have ask these dumb questions, because I am so ignorant of these legal matters, but...

What characteristic of TVs bolted to your car is illegal? ( i.e "...will only bring you big fines")

Is it because the TV is a mass capable of becoming a missile if it comes unbolted?

Or is it because the TV makes images that are distracting to other drivers on the road?

I mean if it is the second one, then I think this project is doomed to failure, because the whole purpose of this project seems to be to distract and annoy the other drivers on the road.


1 year ago

You could do some work beyond just the things you want and tell us the starting and full bright current on the LED TV ?