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Extra battery power for 3.7 volt mini spy camera. Answered

This unit is 3.7v, 240mah. Need to find a higher capacity, (2000Mah?) 3.7v batt that I can charge via usb. Then I could add that extra battery power to my tiny camera (Md80) via a usb cable for a much longer run-time. Is this possible? Thanks for any help! Larry



6 years ago

All the answers are here


10 years ago

Most of the lipo batteries used in cell phones and R/C are 3.7 until contructed into packs that pack more voltage and power. you can parallel any number of 3.7 cells to get more run time but keep 3.7 volts and not damage your camera. The downside is the charging. I personally would not consider charging lipos using anything except a charger designed for lipos. Others might say differently but I don't trust my design skills on lipo charging. One charger I had could be powered by anything from 5 volts up to 14 approx. and all I had to do was set a switch to tell the charger how many cells I was using and the charger did the rest. So I guess you could probably run the charger from usb. You'd need to put usb plug and socket on the charger but that's no problem.