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F150 Door Lock Jammed Answered

My driver's side door lock is jammed, what would cause that and how do I fix it?




2 years ago

when in doubt, clean + lubricate.


Reply 2 years ago

And I always thought:
If in doubt use C4....


2 years ago

I assume big truck locks work the same way as most others...
This means in most cases there is either something broken or as you put it "jammed" inside the lock.
Usually the culprit is within the rods and swivels connection all the lock mechanics.
Can be as simple as a partially undone connector that forces the rod to jam or as bad as mechanical failure of the actual locking mechanism itself.
If there is a chance then get the door trim off to get inside the door and disconnect the rod that is attached to the lock mechanism itself (on the other end).
Then use this rod to open the lock.
If it opens with a push or pull check the rest of the mechanics.
If it still fails it means your locking latch or parts of it are faulty. Here it can sometimes help to have a second person pushing hard on the door to "close" it - this will release the pressure on the lock and you might be able to unlock it.

If however the problem is the lock where the key goes in it is easiest to remove the door panel and to take it out for inspection/replacement.