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FEEDBACK WANTED - Open Source Yacht Answered

G’day Everyone

My name is Tom and I am an Industrial Design Student from New Zealand. I am currently working on my Honors project and I need your input!

My main research Question is

“What is the potential for applying new technologies to traditional yacht construction?”

Basically I aim to develop an Open Source Design for a small sail boat that is both affordable and achievable. As a student I love making rather than buying and I really want the maker community and culture to shine through this project.
If you have the time I would love to hear from you!

What does the maker community mean to you?
Where do you make/construct/build?
What are your views on sharing design and open source?
What access to digital fabrication do you have? (Lasercutting 3D printing etc)
What do you look for when choosing what to make next?
Have you attempted to build a boat before? How did it go?
Would you ever consider making your own boat? What would hold you back?

Any feedback or stories in relation to this would be greatly appreciated

Free feel to contact me





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