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FIFA Day 1 Group A results Answered

Day 1 of the FIFA South Africa world cup 2010 is over. Every team in the group has a chance to enter the finals as both games ended in a draw.

Game 1
South Africa 1- Mexico 1
Tshabalala       Marquez
Minute 55        Minute 79

Game 2
France 0- Uruguay 0

Personal thoughts on Game 1:
South Africa has really surprised me with their skill. I really expected Mexico to win but the South Africans have proven me wrong. South Africa had a slow start but close to half time they started to play really well. Mexico had a very hard time penetrating their defense. Mexico had a higher percentage of ball possession and showed to be a tough competitor. In the second half things started to warm up with the first goal made by Tshabalala in the 55th minute. Mexico countered with a goal by Marquez in the 79th minute to even things out. Overall a great game. Good luck to both teams.

Personal thoughts on Game 2:
This game was very interesting although I thought the coaches of both sides made some mistakes. IT was pretty even the whole way through but Uruguay was being pretty tough on the opponent giving them several yellow cards and a red card. Personally I think the french coach should have put Thiery Henry in the game much sooner. A great game from both sides. Good luck to you aswell.

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10 years ago

Are you going to do this after every day?


Reply 10 years ago

I've got my trip back to Australia but I will try all I can. I'm doing the statistics for the group B matches right now.