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FIFA Day 2 Group B results Answered

Another day of good matches at the 2010 FIFA world cup. The group B games were as good as the first games here are the results.

Game 1
Korea republic 2- Greece 0
LEE Jung Soo
7th minute
Park Ji Sung
52nd minute

Game 2
Argentina 1- Nigeria 0
6th minute

Personal thoughts on game 1:
I didn't get to see the two goals but I foud it an amazing coincidence that they were both scored 7 minutes into each half. Maybe the coach had planned this. If that is true I really want to see Korea's next match. It seemed to me that Greece wasn't playing very nicely as they constantly kept shouting at each other. I personally think this is why they lost. Good luck to both teams and I hope Greece plays nicer next time.

Personal thoughts on game 2:
This game i was able to watch except for the first few minutes. I missied the goal but I saw it in the Highlights. I found this game much more enthusiastic than the last one. Mainly because every time Aregentina commited a foul they apollagized to the Player. This is something that is needed in a lot of games. It's a great sign of good sportsman ship. Nigeria had an amazing defense. It will be hard to score when playing against them. I think all these teams still have a chance to enter the finals. Good luck to you all. Amazing games!

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