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1.- my images where uploaded a 56 times because I kept pressing the image (stupid me) but anyways..... I have to delete one - by one!!!!! Are you kidding me. Cant I select all and then just erase them . Or erase a folder or something in my library... <------If you know how to do this tell me
update: (Note: Use Ctrl-/Cmd- and Shift-select for multiple files) ...I just saw it after trying it again. I didnt want to delete it because It might help some other frustated robot

2. The second Bug I am reporting is: MY FLICKER IMAGES LOSE THEIR NAME WHEN I ADD THEM TO MY LIBRARY (I put it in caps so a developer from flicker can fix this.) Cant I use the name they already had? Might as well Upload one by one. Its gonna take me the same time than to change all their name.


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