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FM Transmitter Answered

my wife has a real small FM transmitter that snaps on to her iPod and streams her music in stereo to her car speakers.  I only have the iPod nano which only has a headphone jack, it doesn't have the standard iPod connector.

I was looking to see if there's an easy instructable that can make a nice sounding FM stereo transmitter.  The only thing I could find was this one: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Micro-FM-Transmitter/721/1  and I'm not sure it's transmits in stereo.  Pretty sure the one my wife has doesn't use the coil method either.

Anyway, is there something else that I can be pointed to as a starting point?  I was thinking of maybe sticking the whole thing into a small altoids box and I can use it in my car.  I didn't know if that project is the only real one out there.

any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!



9 years ago

thanks. I'm not very good at making my own circuit board. I saw this:

http://electronics-diy.com/product_details.php?pid=653&name=BA1404 HI-FI Stereo FM Transmitter - Special Edition Kit

but it's $30 withouth shipping, which is a little more than I wanted to spend on this project.