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FOR COSPLAYS: Can a 2d pdf pattern be converted to 3d making for free (for re-shape, scaling and mods) ? Answered

Hi. I'm looking for a way convert a 2d pattern (PDF) to 3D to I can have glimpse of how the whole thing looks like before real construction, an then modify it to my needs (scaling, shaping, and other modifications) and convert the modify version back to 2d.

Is there a way I can do all of this (with free softwares, if possible) ? Like the title said, it's for cosplay making and I'm a total novice to this,

Thanks to help me out.


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1 year ago

Generally speaking: Yes.At least the 2d to 3D. 3D to 2D is out of my expertise...
I would go this route (Which is a bit adapted to what i do normally wirth 2d to 3d-conversion):
1.: Convert your PDF to DXF with tools like https://www.zamzar.com/convert/pdf-to-dxf/
(It would help to see your PDF so we can estimate if this is a viable path or not)
Note: Zamzar seems to have problems with round lines... But find a good conversiontool from PDF to DXF and you are quite good to start...
2.: Download FreeCAD and install it.
3.: Create new empty document
4.: File - Import - Your DXF-File
5.: Change to the DRAFT Workspace. (See attached image)
6.: Select all Shapes in the Object-tree on the left.
7.: Convert all shapes to sketches ("Convert bidirectionally between Draft and Sketch objects") See attached image.
8.: Delete all objects you had imported before and only have the sketches and lines left: Select all blue "ShapeXXX"-objects in the object treee on the left and DEL
9.: Change to the sketcher-Workspace.
10.: Select all Sketch- and lines-objects on the object tree and go Sketch - Merge Scetches
11.: Delete all but the last sketch on the object tree. The last Sketch is your combined sketch with all included and merged into.
( Optional if problems: 12.: Sketch - Validate sketch. Click top "Find" to find open connections. Hit FIX to close them together. A new FIND should yield no open coincidences.)
13.: Change to the PART workspace
14.: Select your sketch in the object tree and choose "Extrude a selected sketch"
15.: Enter the thickness of your extrusion at the field "Along: 10.0mm", be sure you have "Create Solid" active, press OK. See attached image
16.: Enjoy your 3D extruded part from a PDF/DXF. See attached image

If you want to modify it artistically like in Blender, Mark the extruded part and choose "File - Export" for STL or whatever your software accepts to modify...

But if you post the PDF (Or even better the DXF from which the PDF was generated) we could certainly give more and better and more specific inputs...

generally i dont see the benefit of Converting it to 3D and modify just to put it back to 2D again...
I would modify it in 2D (Be it in the source of where the PDF comes out) or at least in the Sketcher-Step before extruding...

Edit: Seems like Pdftodxf.com is a good converter which also converted my round lines correctly. Unfortunately it is not 100% traceless as you have to tell them your eMail to get a link once the conversion is completed... mailinator.com for the win here ;)

2020-03-09 16-06-06.png2020-03-09 16-12-36.png2020-03-09 16-13-16.png2020-03-09 16-15-31.png2020-03-09 16-22-23.png

1 year ago

Try Fusion 360. There's a free version for hobbyists.


1 year ago

I can't really follow you, maybe an example PDF could help?
AFAIK these 2D patterns are meant to be created in cardboard or similar, folded accordingly and that's it.
Again, if yours is much different then please provide samples.
I would just print it out on thicker paper at a smal scale and make the model to get an impression...