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FORUM for Post Me_New ID Answered

FORUM for Post Me_New ID
CYNETart_08 festival / TMA Hellerau in Dresden | 31st October - 2nd November 2008*

International media art festival CYNETart_08 held in Dresden, Germany, will host the forum "Post Me_New ID" from 31st October to 2nd November 2008. The forum will bring together interdisciplinary practitioners in art, science and technology to discuss in various formats, from keynotes to Quickfires, issues concerning contemporary and future forms of networked creations and multi-identities. Among the speakers and performers there will be kondition pluriel (Canada), Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (Austria), Masaki Fujihata (Japan), Denisa Kera
(Czech Republic/Singapore), Michael Takeo Magruder (Unites States/United Kingdom), Sita Popat (United Kingdom), Susanne Berkenheger (Germany) and many more.

The forum is planned as a platform for reflection on how we are
creatively and socially engaged in digital networks, how we perform our online and offline identities, how we have become plural and variable post human bodies. "We are asking ourselves > what is next?< applying the to-be-presented theories to our own cultural/art creating and networking practices"... says Ghislaine Boddington (United Kingdom), one of the forum organisers.

Title: Post Me_New ID
Format: International forum
Dates: 31st October -- 2nd November 2008
Place: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, Germany
body>data>space (London, UK) - www.bodydataspace.net CIANT |
International Centre for Art and New Technologies (Prague, Czech
Republic) - www.ciant.cz TMA | Trans-Media-Academy Hellerau (Dresden,
Germany) - www.body-bytes.de Kibla (Maribor , Slovenia) - www.kibla.org

There will be a call for Quickfire presentations, designed to enable
speakers and delegates to present their ideas in a dynamic and
innovative way. Each speaker will have chance to present their project or give an overview of their work in a Quickfire format: 14 presentation slides, 30 seconds per slide, 1 image or 10 words per slide. Please contact Thomas Dumke pmn_id@cynetart.de for more information.

To receive news on Post Me_ New ID please register at:
If you have any questions, please contact Thomas Dumke, head of CYNETart Festival, pmn_id@cynetart.de or +49-351-8896665


FRIDAY October 31st -- Networked Creations [see]
http://www.postme-newid.net/foru/fri-31-oct-networked-creations/ for
full detail ]
SATURDAY November 1st -- Multi-Identities [see]
http://www.postme-newid.net/foru/sat-1-nov-multi-identities/ for full detail ]
SUNDAY November 2nd -- Future Visions [see]
http://www.postme-newid.net/foru/sun-2-nov-future-visions/ for full detail ]

If you are a UK resident we really encourage you to come along to this exciting event and can help you to find a good deal on flights and accommodation.
Please email leanne@bodydataspace.net <mailto:leanne@bodydataspace.net>
for information.

Post Me_New ID examines the complexity of 21st century European identity through an exploration based on the effect of digital technologies of the body and identity. An active and public Blog is fed by a series of debate led Research Engines with a Forum, Book and DVD as the end products. In addition a series of Creation Processes will result in a public Installation / Performance.

Post Me_New ID forum is co-produced by an international consortium of partners coming from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia and United Kingdom, within an action/research project of the same name, which focuses on the future of the body, and is co-financed by the European Commission under Culture 2007 programme.


*Co-producers for Post Me_ New ID are:*
body>data>space - www.bodydataspace.net
CIANT - www.ciant.cz
Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau
Kibla - www.kibla.org

*Associated Funding Bodies & Institutions for Post Me_ New ID are:*
European Commission DG Education and Culture - Culture 2007-2013 ec.europa.eu/dgs/education_culture/index_en
Arts Council England - www.artscouncil.org.uk
Prague City Hall - magistrat.praha-mesto.cz/Home-Page
European Commission -- Culture - ec.europa.eu/culture/index_en.htm
Ministry of Culture - Czech Republic - www.mkcr.cz
ResCen - Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts -
EZKA - European Centre for the Arts - www.kunstforumhellerau.de
Mestna obina Maribor - www.maribor.si/podrocje.aspx
Government of the Republic of Slovenia - Ministry of Culture -

*The 14 Associated partners for Post Me_ New ID are:*
A4-nulty priestor - Bratislava - www.a4.sk
Brunel University - London,UK - www.brunel.ac.uk
Charles University - Czech Republic - www.cuni.cz
Grains and Pixels - Sweden - www.bertrandgondouin.net/post/Grains-Pixels
Hellen Sky - Australia - www.hellensky.com
Leeds University - UK - www.leeds.ac.uk/icsrim
M2F Creations - France - www.m2fcreations.fr
Multiplace - Slovakia - www.multiplace.ski/2007/
PROJECT DCM Foundation - Romania - www.rhiz.eu/institution-9567-en.html
Rehearsal.org and Ignite - London,UK - www.rehearsal.org.uk
ResCen Middlesex University - London,UK - www.mdx.ac.uk/rescen/
SKA CULTURE - China - www.skaculture.com
Swap-Project - Portugal - www.swap-project.com
Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music - Tokyo, Japan -



The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.