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FPV Video Transmition with Raspberry pi 3 B V1.2 + OpenCV + MAVLink Answered

Hello, everyone!

I would like to conceive a system for image recognition for my drone using raspberry pi 3 B. I see this system as an alternative to the one I was trying to use with the receiver RC832, the transmitter TS832 and an USB Grabber Easycap, because I had a lot of trouble trying make it work. The problem was that I couldn't at all stream the video with opencv using this.

So, I was guessing if there is a way of using the transmitter and receiver TS832 and RC832 with the raspberry pi in order to send the video for my laptop. This video has to be integrated with my programs of autonomous flight using MAVLink.


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1 year ago

Ps.: I could access my raspberry pi by SSH. Is it possible to send the video captured from the raspberry pi for my computer? Anyone could suggest some ideas regarding which option could be the best? Thanks ;)