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***FS: Disney Pirates of The Carribean Davy Jones Mask customized and airbrushed*** Answered

I have for sale a limited edition officially licensed Disney Davy Jones Mask that has been customized with foam and latex on the tentacles to be 3D and more realistic just like the movie version. This mask also has been custom airbrushed again to be closer in reproduction to the movie version.

Please see pictures! This is already an extremely rare piece and the fact that its been customized....this is a true 1 of a kind, only one in production like this!

Paypal FF accepted $85 shipped anywhere in the continental US
Thanks for looking



1 year ago

I think using this site as a sales platform is not the right way.
It is for members but IMHO not so that people only create a sales account here.


Reply 1 year ago

No disrespect as anyone is entitled to their opinions but you do realize your in the Marketplace forum right? This is where people sell their creations. I was simply offering an item that I created on a site where I thought others might be interested and it would go to a good home instead of going to that auction site where any tom, dick or harry can make the purchase for the sole purpose just to make a profit off of it and resell it to someone else.


Reply 1 year ago

Again just my opinion but I think the respect side of things was violated by you.
I am not against sellng thing here, especially not if they as good looking as yours.
But I do think that registering here with the sole purpose of selling things is not right.

See it this way:
Unlike Ebay there is no buyer protection here.
Noone knows you here, noone even has your real details to confirm your identity.
This means your "reputation" is below zero.
How is anyone supposed to know that you are genuine or that they actually receive what they pay for?
If you want to good then provide a bunch of nice pics here but offer a link for the item on a secure platform, like Ebay or whatever suits in your region.
With an Instructable from you how the mask was made/customised so everyone can do it or at least some meaningful activity in your profile I would see it differently.
The way it is now I am just trying to protect the members here and I am sure you can agree on that bit ;)