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FTDI VCOM port USB2.0 my head meeting the wall Answered

OK  for real this has been going on for days n' days.

I cant get my windows xp pro sp3   - to see any attached device other than the USB2.0-SERIAL  it sees when I hook up my UNO clone-ATMega 328 w/ arduino bootloader already "factory "installed   - Using the USB,  I keep getting  NEW DEVICE USB2.0-SERIAL , and YES, I've followed ALL+ the step by steps out there for doing this...it's just I dont get an UNO nor anything but the USB2.0 message.

The FTDI  bit and the virtual com port did nothing...er capital N-othing. I uninstalled -reinstalled tried different USB ports.
I just want to play with my UNO!!!  


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