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Fabrics coming off, help!!!? Answered

I tried to make a fingerless gloves with a sweatband by cutting the seam and it was good. However it has a logo on it and it was too long (i only want it to cover the palm and a bit of the fingers and wrist) so I had to cut both ends. And now the fabrics keep coming off, i tried using a lighter but it didnt work cuz the fabrics dont stick. what should I do? (sorry for the bad English)?



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11 years ago

Trying to melt the ends to keep it from fraying only works with synthetics that can melt together. You probably have some cotton or cotton blend that only burns. The traditional way is to sew and hem the edge. Fold it over a little for strength and then go around and sew a seam to lock in the edges. You can also get a strip of fabric tape to sew and bind the edges. Good luck.