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Failed ACR V.1 Answered

Here is just some pics of an ACR that I had made sometime back. Enjoy!

-The Red Book of  Westmarch


Oh, and I also am interested in looking for somebody who wishes to engage in a "attachments 'ible." Basically, I am looking for a person who would like help me build things like scopes, bipods, tripods, silencers...that sort of thing. Anybody interested?

I don't know. I don't know how many people I want to help me. XD Now, don't thin that I am rejecting you, but I am unsure as to what to do.

Well, you don't really need experience, you just need a pair of eyes. All one would have to do is to look at the actual item (for example, a holographic sight) and duplicate it, send some pics to someone who is good at giving constructive criticism , edit, and perfect.


6 years ago

Failed? It looks great man! Also I would be interested in making attachments with you

As to attachments, it can seem truly daunting, but the list is fairly simple. A nice M21-based scope, ACOG, Fore-grip, Holographic Sight, Tilted Fore-grip, M203 GL, and a AG36. Now the rail system should be the hardest part, but if people aren't smart enough to edit the attachment to fit their gun, they don't deserve the attachment at all. XD

O.K. You might have to wait for me, as I am in the middle of helping my brother with a Bullpup Horizontal Magazine Pistol, but when I am done helping him...and working on my Calico M-950, I'll start working with you. Post some pics on my orange board whenever you have a start on ANYTHING (so I can help you along and get an idea of what I want to do).

=D, I meant that somewhat seriously, but NVM. I don't understand why everybody gives ironman69 credit for tactical rails that a baby might have invented. Its not like he invented something new, all he did was substitute orange connecters with yellow connecters and called them rails.


6 years ago

Looks pretty good! I don't know why the range didn't work out for you but I can only guess it was friction. I had a lot of similar problems =P
Just too let you know, I plan to drop some pictures on your orangeboard later.

Acctually I was going to put them on my orangeboard but I couldn't because my page was glitching. So I made a forum topic if you want to check it out.


6 years ago

"Failed"? Looks pretty good to me...?


6 years ago

Wow, your awesome at making k'nex weapons, truly great =D