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Fan Blade for Living Solution remote control fan Answered

I need the blade (5 blades almost 15 inch across) for a Living Solution's stand alone fan It seems this company does not exist.....The fan is very "good" even has a remote control. I hate to throw it away but cant find the blade. I've look through disposed fans with no luck. Does anyone know where to get this part (is the only thing wrong thing, but necessary of course) Thanks. Sandy


Jack A Lopez

4 years ago

I think "Living Solutions"(r) is a Walgreens(r) brand.

Well actually, I know it is now, because I just checked with uspto.gov, and there it is. The word mark is "LIVING SOLUTIONS", and the owner is Walgreen Co. of Deerfield, Illinois. I'm not sure how to just link into that search result, but you can find the same thing, by going to this database,


and using the same search I used,

"living solutions"[mn] and walgreen[on]

So that's the company, and they've got a web site, and a "contact us" page, here:


I don't know anyone there will be able to help you find a new fan blade. I am guessing this fan was intended to be disposable,


even if was a high end fan with lots of features. I mean, that's kind of the way everything is these days. They don't want to sell parts, or repair service. Instead the fan is sold as a unit, and it has a finite, expected, life span. Moreover it is expected, at the end of the fan's life span, that you'll just throw the whole thing away, and then go back to the store and buy a whole new fan.

If you like talking to, writing to, people, a company that size probably has a small army for their complaints department, so they'll be happy to talk to you. ;-) Who knows? Maybe somebody there has a fan blade for you.

If you want to fabricate your own blade, that will take time, and materials, and some skill, if you've got that too. I don't know what Rickharris is saying about plywood. I can't quite picture that. I think I'd go with sheet steel, like maybe the same thickness they use for computer cases. Maybe I'm thinking that because my junk collection has a bunch of old computer cases.

Also, fan blades require balance; i.e the center of mass has to be at the (almost) exact center of rotation. A badly balanced fan blade will cause the fan to vibrate itself to death.

If you had a 3D printer, maybe you could print a new blade?

Actually I like this idea of yours of finding a similar blade from another junked fan. In fact I think that would be the easiest, cheapest, way to go, if you can find one. That route may require patience, or more searching.


4 years ago

Make one from 9 mm ply wood. Doesnt seem hard