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Farthest shooting knex gun? Answered

I used to be on instructables a lot building knex guns but i don't have as much time as i used to. I ask this question about every year just wondering if any thing new has come up over the course of the year, and i like to buld at leat one or two guns a year now. I always like building guns that shoot great distances, as of now what is the farthest shooting knex gun with instructions on instrucables. Parts aren't a issue since i have well over 10,000 knexs, and i have made over 50 knex guns, including all of i_am_canadians cannons at least once including his heavy cannon three times, Killerk's sr-v1 four times, and the sr-v2 four times.


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8 years ago

You have given an awnser to your question. The SRV2.