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Fashionable PFD? Answered

Hi Everyone,

I am a designer and product developer in Vancouver BC working on updating PFD designs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Do you find rental PFD's bulky and awkward to wear?

Do you wear your PFD, or does it sit in the bottom of the boat?

Have you been yearning for a modern PFD design that fits your body?

When spending the day on the water with friends, are you embarrassed to take pictures while wearing your PFD?

If you are not in the position too purchase your own PFD, would you choose your boating rental company based on the PDFs available?

Thanks so much!

Your Vancouver Designer


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9 years ago

You might get more responses if you explained what a "PFD" is, and how it is different to a lifejacket or buoyancy aid.