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Faster electrolysis of Copper Sulfate? Answered

I'm trying to make copper powder and I know it can be done by electrolysis of copper sulfate solution with copper electrodes. The way I have to right now it's extremely slow so I was wondering how I could speed things up a bit. Im not using a power supply only a 20volt drill battery (because it turned out to work better somehow)


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Have you searched Youtube, for video answers to this topic?

Like, for example, "copper powder from copper sulfate"


A lot of the recipes out there, use iron, in the form of scrap steel, as a reducing agent; i.e. electron donor. i.e.

Fe(s) = Fe+2(aq) + 2 e-

If you want a purely electric method, and you want it to happen faster, I think the answer for that is more current (i.e. moar amperes), you know, since the reaction you want at the cathode,

Cu+2(aq) + 2e- = Cu(s)

wants electrons to make it happen.