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Faux Metal Plating on Books? Answered

I'm trying to turn this old text book into the Book of the Vishanti from Doctor Strange, which features a somewhat intricate pattern of metal design work on the front and spine, as well as some hinges. I was thinking that, for the metal, I would use some thermoplastic, but I still don't quite know about the hinges. Would thermoplastic work? Should I use real hinges or just fake them somehow? How could I work around the spine and still keep it flexible? 




Answer 3 years ago

Thank you so much! I ordered some of that the other day, and it should be here within the next day or two, but now I have to figure out how to attach it. There are spots on a lot of the pieces where rivets or screws or something could go, but I'd rather not let anything poke through the other side of the cover too much. Is there any way to avoid that, or is there maybe a glue or something I should use instead?


Answer 3 years ago

A glue should be OK, but I'm not sure what brand, off the top of my head.


3 years ago

Here are two searches that give you two different ways of making a faux metal cover.

Aluminum foil book cover - https://www.google.com/#q=aluminum+foil+book+cover

Faux metal cover - https://www.google.com/#q=faux+metal+cover

The corner protectors can be made out of pressboard and foil covered individually.

The spine reinforcing ribs can be made with small, flexible half round moldings and foil covered.


Make the book hinges out of thicker pressboard and foil cover them.

There are even colored foils https://www.amazon.com/Louis-Crafts-Colored-Aluminum-Foil/dp/B0042SRCCK

Or you cold join a medieval book guild and build it from scratch.