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Favorites not listed but still favorited Answered

I've been a member for 5 years and always used to login using facebook. That now appears to not be an option, but I can still use the email to login, however my favorites list is empty, though when viewing an instructable I know to have favorited, is still shows as a favorite. What the hell.


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4 years ago

Glad the support or whoever domain to fix these bugs are helping out. been having the same problem with you for about 5 months now and no fixes. at least none that I can glance on google search.

because of this simple bug I've

- Quit free advertising it to everyone (even stranger) only because I no longer have a way to quickly show something awesome.

- Move to other DIY project base website. (which is kinda a good thing) if I'm gonna bookmark my fav. now than why the heck would I restrict myself to one site?

- given up on the app, (partially above reason) and I rather not pay the data (even though I have 80 gb of data per month) to look up something just so I can't favorite things. Most of the time it doesn't even favorite in the background so at least i can check it out on the browser (which btw I can't open my fav. list anyway, so it's completely pointless for me.)

I know this comment isn't helpful but after shifting through the forum and inter-web for a week now, trying to find an answer with no luck (not even a hint of some sort... what gives?) I decided to vent it on here (sorry, your post was the last thing I read to remedy this issue.)

hopefully my venting will catch some admin and hopfully give us all some little peace of mind in the direction of Instructables Non-member web portal support.


Reply 4 years ago

man I hear you I have the same problem. Autodesk is usually really good with there software :(