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Feature Request: @user tag Answered

For me instructables is great because of it's outstanding community. Still, I believe this could be an even better place if we worked closer together.  Sure, this can't be forced, but it can be made easier:

It would help greatly if a "@user" tag was introduced. It should do two things:
  1. Notify the user mentioned, both with an on-page notification (like a PM) as well as through email
  2. Produce a clickable link to the user's page

The usage cases are plenty. It could be used if...
  1. an authors project is based on @user ideas/ project
  2. @user has improve upon one's work
  3. @user has similar project worth checking out
  4. a comment/ forum post is adressed to @user, even though it is not a direct response
  5. one knows @user is interested in a instructable/ forum post, but may have missed it

Unlike PMs it's a quick and public method to reach out for people. I am very aware that even though this is a "small" idea it may take much effort to develop and integrate throughout the site. Yet I do believe it would be absolutely worth it, as it...
  1. motivates authors (it is the greatest feeling to know somebody values the project you've poured all of your heart into)
  2. keeps conversations going (I've seen many comments not being responded to just because they haven't used the reply button)
  3. brings people with similar ideas and interests together (isn't this what instructables is all about?)

It could happen that this will be abused by some people, so "blocking" certain users (to not receive notifications) should be a mandatory function.

What do you think about this?



3 years ago

i see lots of ways to use a can to make other things but how aobut learning how to makea tin can


Reply 3 years ago

Could you explain what you mean by that?


3 years ago

Hi nqtronix,

I brought this to the attention of our team of developers, and they've added it to their list of feature requests. They'll investigate further and vet the feasibility of implementing the idea, but there's no time frame attached at this point.

But it's officially on their radar! Thanks for the great idea :)

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager


Reply 3 years ago

That's great news, Sam! Thank you for taking it to the right people :) Now all that's left to do ist wait and keep the fingers crossed ?


3 years ago

YES! Like Twitter.