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Feature Request/Revival Answered

The way the stats tab on instructables used to work for search URLs was messier than the current iteration but including the full URL was good in one way, it let you know what people searched to get to your instructable. 

I'm not mad for SEO or going mad with keywords, however as a matter of curiosity and to see if people meant to find your instructable with the search or if it just ended up being relevant is very interesting. 

With the current stats function is there any way to get at those URLs, or even just the search terms? Was it even a change on instructables end? 

I'm wondering because I find I do find use in it along with the idle curiosity. 

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9 years ago

I requested this feature a while back too. New features are chosen on how useful they are though and this would only be used by a very select few :(

What Instructable are you interested in learning about the search referrals for?


Reply 9 years ago

A whole bunch of mine, mostly the odd titled ones, have you worked out a script or some such? Or more wondering?

I'm wanting to work a little more on my stuff for views etc ever since videos started paying my Internet bills as well...